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    Abingdon, MD 21009
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Residential Home Healthcare Agency
Residential Service Agency
Complex Care License # R1092


imageOur families deserve the best care possible. And since you are a member of our family, we will give you only the best. We cannot allow services and procedures to be administered below standard. We can only give you nothing but the upper echelon of quality in home health care.

With this in mind, we endeavor to provide you with assistance rendered by medical practitioners who are:

  • Background Checked
  • Go through continuing education
  • Trained and Coached by Veteran professionals in health care
  • Regularly performance reviewed

Our home health care practitioners work with that passionate determination to achieve our goal of serving you well. Their knowledge, coupled with professionalism is the best mix of characteristics you would like to find in an individual who you will be handing your lives to.

In Angelic Care Plus, LLC, we are a team, a family and as such we help each other out. If you want to be a part of this family, call 410-569-1400 for information on the hiring process.

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