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    Abingdon, MD 21009
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Residential Home Healthcare Agency
Residential Service Agency
Complex Care License # R1092

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Our Service Areas

Would you like to know if we serve your county? Take a look at this list of service areas covered by Angelic Care Plus, LLC.

How We Began

How did Angelic Care Plus, LLC begin? Who inspired us to continue our commitment to quality? Get to know us better!

Welcome to

Angelic Care Plus, LLC

With the little that we have, we humbly endeavor to give you.

We know that there are things that you can no longer do quite as easily and as trouble-free as when you were at a younger age. We understand the limitations that a certain injury or medical procedure has placed upon you. For all of these, we recognize that you need help. You need our help.

With the well-planned services and the reliable group of caregivers, homemakers and nurses that we have here at Angelic Care Plus, LLC, you are sure to live a much comfortable life even in your current health condition. We place your needs above other things and aim to be proactive about it.

We believe just how important it is for you or your loved ones to have this beam of support during such a difficult time. With us, you never have to carry this burden on your shoulders alone. You can call upon us to help you, to assist you and to be there for you.

Call us now at 410-569-1400.

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